Floor & Decor’s core values not only support our mission of effectively serving our customers, but also apply to how we support more than 6,000 associates.  You will find these values embedded in our day to day culture and long term goals.  Here at Floor & Decor, we set trends not just through our merchandise, but more importantly, through the way we work.  Our energetic and fast paced environment keep our associates engaged and gives them the opportunity to be creative every day.

We have an open door policy that allows any associate to get great ideas to the forefront of our business.  Our senior leaders are regularly in the field visiting our stores and getting feedback from the associates that are at the frontline with our customers.  Together, Floor & Decor’s associates embody one large team working towards a common goal.  We all play a key part in the company’s success and support each other every step of the way.


Floor & Decor’s commitment to an inclusive, diverse culture is a cornerstone of our culture, starting with the sourcing of our products from all over the world.  Floor & Decor believes that when people from different backgrounds come together, amazing things happen.  We believe that differences in experiences and backgrounds creates unique perspectives and we can leverage those perspectives to generate fresh ideas, solve problems, enhance employee experience, and to create better outcomes that add to the rapid growth of our business. We encourage our employees to bring their authentic selves to work which helps us to create an inclusive workplace that boosts productivity, creativity, and collaboration.  At Floor & Decor, your unique viewpoints will be heard, valued, and make an impact.


 “The moment I stepped into Floor & Decor, I could feel the entrepreneurial spirit of the company. It’s growing and evolving at such a quick pace that I knew I needed to be in this environment. I could sense that the people who worked here were fantastic- they were hungry for knowledge while continually lifting each other up to succeed together. That hunger and teamwork was what I saw and what I wanted to be a part of.”
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